Real estate app development company



High technology has long penetrated the real estate industry. The  real estate app development company are often used by startups and agencies. With services for smartphones, you can appeal to a new target group, simplify the search for objects and the completion of transactions.

How do I use mobile apps for the real estate business? There are several possibilities. It can be:

  • Services for finding accommodation for daily rent;

  • applications for startup projects;

  • mobile services of developers (for the sale of real estate);

  • Applications Aggregators Displays for residential and commercial properties etc.

The app and website complement each other and make your company's marketing even more effective.

The functionality depends on the tasks the application will perform. But they also have some similarities:

  • Database of real estate objects;

  • management panel with the ability to moderate;

  • Analysis tools;

  • User feedback form;

  • Database synchronization on the site and in the application.

It is also possible to integrate a map with objects and detailed information on each house or apartment.

You can view the booking calendar, leave applications and even make payments via daily rental requests.

The work begins with an application from a potential client. He is consulted by our manager who answers all questions. In the next phase, we examine the customer's needs and form the application concept.

The best confirmation of our qualifications and professionalism are the success stories of our customers and the differences in their business before and after working with us.

Buying and selling, renting residential plots include many long labor-intensive processes. Optimize, accelerate these operations easily - just order the creation of a mobile real estate application.